Kalbfleisch Hall – (Closing during Summer 2019)

Kalbfleisch Hall houses athletes on a specific housing scholarship chosen by the Indiana Tech coaching staff. Each sport may designate one or two student-athletes to receive the scholarship depending on availability at the time. If the athletic department does not allocate all of the rooms, available rooms may be used to accommodate non-scholarship students by request or if need requires.

The facility contains nine apartments which have either two or three rooms (two people are assigned to a two-room apartment, three people to a three-room apartment). Students may arrange the layout of their apartments in whatever format they choose and agree upon. (For example, students in a three-room apartment may choose to have one of the rooms for their sleeping area, one room for a study area, and one for their living room area.)

Air conditioners of any kind are not permitted in the facility.

Room Amenities

Amenities in each apartment include:

  • A bed containing a twin-long (80-inch) mattress
  • Desk with two-drawer file unit underneath
  • Desk chair
  • Large two-drawer dresser
  • Three-shelf/three-drawer bookcase
  • A wardrobe (with affixed bulletin board)
  • Bathroom with a shower
  • Built-in wall heater with dial control in each room
  • High-speed Internet port
  • Telephone and cable television jack

Building Amenities

The building houses 21 students and is staffed by one resident assistant. The main entrance to the facility is key accessed and only students living in the facility are provided with a key. The building has a lounge/community room on the first floor which contains seating and a big screen television.

The facility is monitored by closed circuit cameras externally only.

There is a laundry room on the first floor which contains two washers and two dryers that are free to use.

Meal Plans

Students living in Kalbfleich are required to purchase the full meal plan.