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Housing Exemption/Cancellation Form

To help you make the most of your college experience, all students during their first two years of college (typically freshmen and sophomores) are required to live on campus. Students who live on campus are most likely to take full advantage of campus resources, be more involved in campus activities, achieve academic success, and be more satisfied with their overall university experience. There are exceptions in which students can request to be exempt from the requirement.

Process for Request

  1. Review the reasons for exemption/release below. Determine if exemption requirements meet your situation.
  2. Obtain additional supporting documents. Any form submitted without supporting documentation will not be accepted. Required information is described below.
  3. Complete and submit request form. You will receive a copy for your own records.
  4. Receive Approval/Denial. In most cases, you will be notified by Residence Life by the end of the semester with a decision to your Indiana Tech Email.

Appeals may be submitted within 10 business days following the initial response to the Associate Vice President Student Services. Appeals will be considered on the basis of new information or procedural errors only. If allotted time has passed, you cannot appeal decision.

Reasons for Exemption/Release

  1. Medical Condition: Student must present information from a qualified medical professional as to how the presenting condition is reason to be exempt from living on campus.
  2. Residing with a responsible relative: Students may receive an exemption to live with a relative generally limited to PARENT, LEGAL GUARDIAN, or GRANDPARENT whose residence is within 50 miles of campus. The relative must have established 6 months of residency to qualify. A copy of a state issued identification for the relative showing the address of the residence and a copy of one of the following must be presented: utility bill, property tax statement, or a lease agreement in the relative’s name. Students who are approved for this exemption must live with the named relative and are not permitted to secure their own housing elsewhere.
  3. Married and residing with spouse within 50 miles of campus: Submission of a valid copy of marriage certificate, as well as proof of address, such as a utility bill, tax statement, or lease agreement.
  4. 21 years of age: Achieved 21 years of age prior to the start of the academic year (fall semester).
  5. Living in Greek housing: Must be an active member of a fraternity recognized by Indiana Tech, have a 2.0 grade point average, and completed your second semester of full time enrollment. Proof of membership must be provided.
  6. Junior or senior standing (two years of college enrollment): Completion of 60 credit hours prior to start of the fall semester (spring semester if starting at Tech in spring). Verification from an advisor or the registrar office must be submitted for proof of change in enrollment status.
  7. Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces: A copy of military credentials and/or discharge paperwork must be presented.
  8. Special Requests: Any requests made outside of the previously listed reasons for exemption will be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life.

Housing Contracts are for a full academic year, unless enrollment at Indiana Tech is discontinued. A request for release is not final until formal approval is given from the Office of Residence Life. The early termination of a Housing contract will result in loss of the Housing deposit, except as stipulated on the contract.

Please, carefully read and answer the below prompts. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Residence Life.