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Pierson Hall

Pierson Hall is the largest of Indiana Tech’s residence halls. Our primary residence hall for first-year students houses 250 students in suite-style rooms. The suites contain a small shared entryway which acts as a divider for both sides of the suite. Each student is assigned to either side A or side B with each side accommodating two students. Each side has a bathroom separated by a shared bathtub/shower.

Please check out our First Year Buildings Tour for a virtual tour of Pierson and Kalbfleisch Halls.

Suite Amenities

Amenities for each student in a suite include:

  • Bed containing a twin long (80-inch) mattress
  • Desk
  • Two-drawer file unit under the desk
  • Desk chair
  • Large 2-drawer dresser
  • 3-shelf/3-drawer bookcase
  • A wardrobe (with affixed bulletin board)
  • High-speed Internet access

Additional Suite Amenities

In addition to wired connections in each suite, Pierson Hall also has wireless access for students. Students must be authenticate into the Indiana Tech network before they can access the Internet. There is also a cable television jack for digital cable. Students must provide their own television. All services are active throughout the year.

Pierson Hall is staffed by eight resident assistants. The main entrance to the building is controlled by card access and only permits students living in the building unrestricted access.

Each floor in Pierson Hall contains a lobby with furniture and a big screen television. Laundry facilities are located on each wing and contain two washers and two dryers and are free to use.

The facility is monitored by closed circuit cameras internally and externally.

Meal Plans

Students living in Pierson Hall are required to purchase the full meal plan.