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Information for Parents

For some of you, this may be your first child attending college, but even if you have other children living away from home or even lived on campus yourself during college, you may have questions and concerns. The Office of Residence Life strives to meet your expectations for you and your child’s housing needs.

Here is some advice on how to assist with this process and what to do if problems arise. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us so we can help.

Housing Application Process

It is important for your student to complete the housing application on their own. Encourage them to be completely honest when answering the questions about their personality. This will help us to assign a roommate with as much compatibility as possible.

Housing Policies

Read through the housing policies and have your child do so as well. Becoming familiar with our policies ahead of time might help avoid unexpected repair charges and policy violations, and you will know what is expected among our residents in a community living environment.

Be Open-Minded

Encourage your child to contact roommates and suitemates. Remain open-minded when lifestyle and cultural differences are obvious. Don’t let someone’s social media pages overly influence your impression or cause prejudgment of someone’s personality.

Tough Conversations

Have the tough conversations with your child. The reality is that your student may be faced with difficult decisions while away from home. This might include relationship issues, alcohol use, self-motivation, time management, and more. Be forthcoming about your expectations but understanding of the challenges your student may confront. Help guide your son or daughter in making positive decisions but also guide them on what to expect or do if a poor choice is made.

Move-In Day

Our official fall move-in day is listed on the academic calendar and all Freshmen and Transfer students should arrive on this designated day. The standard Fall move-in day for new students is on a Friday with Registration and Orientation occurring on Saturday and Sunday. Returning students should arrive on that Saturday or Sunday.

Our Spring move-in day is also listed on the academic calendar, we do allow students to move in any time after 5 p.m. on the Friday before. This is designed to accommodate travel needs. Keep in mind that staffing may be at a minimum during non-scheduled times and meal service doesn’t begin until official move-in day.

Students who are required to report early for an athletic team’s preseason training should plan to arrive per their coach’s instructions.

Additional information on academic breaks, final exams, and other important dates are also outlined on the academic calendar.


If a problem arises while your child is on campus, encourage them to discuss this problem with their resident assistant first. The next step is for them to talk with the residence life coordinator. Although you may want to help solve your child’s problem, it is essential for your student to be involved in the process.

You may alert us to a problem or concern, however, by contacting one of our staff members or email us at