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Noise, Quiet Hours, and Sports Activities

Noise:  Residents and their guests and invitees shall, at all times, maintain order in the residence halls and in their conduct in and around the Indiana Tech community. Loud, offensive, disturbing or objectionable noises, boisterous activities or conduct that may unreasonably disturb the study, sleep or enjoyment of the Indiana Tech community by other residents, their guests, or the surrounding neighborhood is prohibited. Residents shall comply with all local rules and regulations relating to noise and nuisances.

Quiet Hours:

  • Quiet hours are defined as times when extra care is given to monitoring sound levels in rooms and in common areas such as lobbies and hallways. Such care applies to radios, stereos, televisions, conversations, group gatherings, etc.
  • Quiet hours are in effect Sunday through Thursday from 7 p.m.-11 a.m., the next day, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 12-10 a.m., the next day. These hours typically are used for study and sleep.
  • The last week before final exams of each semester is designated as a 24-hour quiet-hour period to provide an atmosphere conducive to study for final examinations. Dates will be posted.
  • Fines will be assessed to violators as follows: 1st-warning; 2nd-$50; 3rd-$100 and disciplinary probation.

Sports Activities:  There is to be no unauthorized sport activities of any nature permitted in the residence hall corridors, student rooms, or common areas.

  • This includes bouncing or dribbling of balls, running, or general horseplay.