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Smoking and Tobacco Use

The entire Indiana Tech campus is tobacco/smoke free including residence hall student rooms.

  • Vaping, Hookah or the use of electronic cigarettes and other similar devices are also not permitted on campus.
  • Failure to abide by the tobacco free policy will result in a fine being applied to the person(s) violating the policy and potentially the occupants of the room for failing to report the violation.
  • Residents determined to be smoking within a facility will be considered in violation of their contract and may be required to move off campus. Should this occur, the student will forfeit all fees for housing including the $350 housing deposit, any unpaid amount remaining on the contract, and any assessment for damages or corrections to the residential space made necessary by smoking.
  • Likewise, using items to prevent the detection of smoking will be treated as a violation of the tobacco free policy. This includes the use of towels at the base of doors, smokeless ash trays, etc.