Our Staff

Each of our residence halls are assigned resident advisors on each floor. Residents should bring any concerns or questions about their living situation to their assigned resident advisor first. In case of an emergency, contact security at 260.422.5561, ext. 2230 or 260.740.6642.

Residence Life Staff


Chris Dickson

Chris Dickson

Associate Vice President, Student Services
phone: 260.422.5561, ext. 2234
email: cmdickson@indianatech.edu
office: Andorfer Commons, Student Affairs

Indiana Tech is my alma mater. The small size and the friendly people who work here were the reasons I came to Tech. The enjoyment from working with students and seeing them achieve their goal of graduation is the reason I love what I do.

Rachel Kellog

Rachel Kellogg

Residence Life Coordinator
phone: 260.422.5561, ext. 2235
email: rekellogg@indianatech.edu
office: Andorfer Commons, Student Affairs

I love the diverse student population here! We have local, regional, national and international students; commuting students and on-campus students; traditional undergraduates, returning adults, graduate students, and a law school; and students from every conceivable personal background and experience.

It’s exciting to work at a school that welcomes and has a place for everyone. I also love that Indiana Tech is a place of growth and change. I get to work with really great people to improve the Tech Experience every day!

Patrice Brooks

Graduate Assistant
email: PDBrooks@indianatech.edu
office: Andorfer Commons, Student Affairs

I love Indiana Tech because of our small campus community. Staff, faculty, and students make me feel at home here. I wouldn’t have chosen to go to college anywhere else!

Melissa Villaflor

Peer Educator Intern
email: MVillaflor-Solis@indianatech.edu
office: Student Affairs, Andorfer Commons

Indiana Tech is a great university, has friendly students, staff and faculty, beautiful small campus and a great city! Indiana Tech was one of the few universities that had my major and I’m glad I chose it.

Resident Assistants

Our Resident Assistants all undergo a significant amount of training on a variety of topics including conflict resolution, diversity, crisis management, listening skills, programming, CPR and First Aid, and much more.  Those interested in joining one of the most sought out student leadership positions on campus may complete the application process in February.

Devin Stone

Resident Assistant
email: dcstone@indianatech.edu

I love the small class size and the involvement of student organizations that plan events on campus.

Jessica Zurcher

Lead Resident Assistant
email: jrzurcher@indianatech.edu

I like the close-knit community, and that no matter where you go you will always see someone you know.

Anh Pham

Resident Assistant
email: AQPham@indianatech.edu

In terms of academics, Indiana Tech provides academic, undergrad opportunities that larger universities don’t get the opportunity to experience until graduate school. I also like Indiana Tech because you can always find someone you know when you’re walking around campus.

LaTonya Wilson

Resident Assistant
email: LLWilson@indianatech.edu

What I enjoy about Indiana tech most is the cultural diversity it offers. It makes me excited to go to school with individuals from other countries. I am not only building my knowledge academically but learning more about different cultures.

Matthew Torres

Resident Assistant
email: mdtorres@indianatech.edu

Indiana Tech was one of the few schools that had my major; I went on a visit and loved the class sizes and knew it was my school.

Laurence Mifsud

Resident Assistant
email: lmifsud@indianatech.edu

Indiana Tech provides incomparable services to all students, especially international, which allows me to focus on the important things like basketball, friends, Tech community…oh, and study of course.

Deliyah Garner

Resident Assistant
email: DBGarner@indianatech.edu
I like that Indiana Tech is small so everyone knows everyone. Also class sizes are small enough that you can always get one-on-one time with the professors. Plus it’s a beautiful campus!

DeShawn "D.Woods" Woods

Resident Assistant
email: dhwoods@indianatech.edu

I like that the campus is a decent size (not too big or extremely small) so you’ll be known by your teachers and peers by name–you’re not just a random face. I work as a tutor and mentor, which makes it easier to keep up with students as they progress.

Heidi Tremaine

email: HLTremaine@indianatech.edu
Indiana Tech is not just a school, but rather, a community of culturally diverse individuals, stellar athletes, and caring professors. I love the small class sizes since it allows me to become very close to my professors and fellow peers. Go Warriors.

James Franklin

Resident Assistant
email: jvfranklin@indianatech.edu

What I like most about Tech is the small campus size and the smaller class sizes. Coming from a smaller school, it gave me a feeling of familiarity.

Cynthia Miracle

Resident Assistant
email: camiracle@indianatech.edu

I like Indiana Tech because every time I am on campus I always know that I will see other people that I know. I also enjoy the small class sizes that allow for students to get to know each other as well as their professors.

Geoffrey Duckmann

Resident Assistant
email: GEDuckmann@indianatech.edu

Indiana Tech seems to take the best parts of high school and put them in a college setting. Every name has a face here, and professors really know you as an individual. The high level of communal support here is extremely rare in most colleges.

Darrin Abraham

Resident Assistant
email: ddabraham@indianatech.edu

My favorite part about Tech would probably be the staff.  All of the staff are extremely friendly and helpful here. No matter where I am on campus, I can ask any staff member a question and they are more than willing to help out or point me in the right direction.

Anabell Cordero

Resident Assistant
email: acordero@indianatech.edu

I love Indiana Tech because people are friendly and welcoming. The small class size helps professors to get to know you and your name better as well as to help you in a better way to be a more successful student.

Brandy Barnes

Resident Assistant
email: babarnes@indianatech.edu

I like Tech because of the small campus and class sizes. I enjoy that you can easily find someone who really wants to help you succeed.

Tamia Derosier

Resident Assistant
email: TSDerosier@indianatech.edu

What I like about tech is that the classes are small and the professors know you by name. If you are struggling with a class you can talk to your professor and they will help you.

Kerigan Riley

Resident Assistant
email: ksriley@indianatech.edu

I really enjoy the small campus size as well as the cross-country and track programs.

Alain Dixon

Resident Assistant
email: acdixon@indianatech.edu

I love Indiana tech because the size. Having a small campus helps a lot in the classroom. A lot of professors are able to give you more one and one time and that helps a lot in the long run. Also, the faculty is always willing to go out their way to help you out & make sure you succeed socially and academically. The school has helped me get internships and contact me with hiring jobs in my major. Lastly I love the track team.

Tim Hostetler

Resident Assistant
email: TAHostetler@indianatech.edu

I love the close-knit atmosphere, where every professor knows your name.