Warrior Row

What to Bring

Deciding what to bring for your life on campus can be challenging. Keep in mind that space is limited and also shared. Focus first on items that you will need, then think about items you will want and the space you have left. Also, keep in mind that the security of your items is your responsibility.

Since all of our residence halls are different, we’ve prepared checklists of suggested items for each building to assist with your planning.

The Essentials

  • Sheets, blankets, pillows, and pillowcases (beds are twin extra long)
  • Towels
  • Personal hygiene items (soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc.)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • School and desk supplies

Leave at Home

  • Candles, incense, or any items that require burning
  • Hot plates, deep fryers, portable heaters, or any appliance with frayed cords
  • Firearms or other weapons including decorative items, airsoft type guns, paintball guns, etc.
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Pets of any kind (the only exception is an aquarium containing fish that cannot live outside of water and pose no danger to people through incidental contact)

College Ave. by Dormco

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Residence Hall Checklists

For more information on what to bring for your specific residence hall, download a checklist from the list below.