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We encourage students and parents to review Indiana Tech’s residence hall policies prior to arrival at campus in order to avoid accidental charges and violations of these policies. These pages contain all of the university policies for both residential and commuter students.

General Residence Hall Rules

All university policies are also considered residence hall policies in addition to the residence hall regulations.

The entire Indiana Tech campus is tobacco/smoke free including residence hall student rooms. Vaping, Hookah or the use of electronic cigarettes and other similar devices are also not permitted on campus. Failure to abide by the tobacco free policy will result in a fine being applied to the person(s) violating the policy and potentially the occupants of the room for failing to report the violation. Anyone caught in the act of smoking within the facility will be considered in violation of their contract and may be asked to move off campus. This will also result in the forfeiture of all fees for housing. The use of items to prevent the detection of smoking will be treated as a violation of the tobacco free policy. This includes the use of towels at the base of doors, smokeless ash trays, etc.

In addition to the tobacco free policy, the burning of any item in the residence halls is not permitted. This includes candles, incense, etc. If it cannot be determined who is responsible for usage of such items within the student rooms, a fine will be issued to all occupants of the room.

Swords and other weapons including those of a decorative nature are not permitted in the residence halls. Discharge, possession, or use of any type of weapon inside a residence hall will result in the confiscation of the item, repair costs and disciplinary sanctions. General pocket knives are permissible but if used in a threatening manner would be deemed as a weapon and a policy violation.

Electrical appliances that may constitute a fire hazard may not be used within the residence hall. Other specific appliances not permitted are portable heaters, air conditioners, hot plates, crock-pots, deep fat fryers, and soldering irons. Appliances such as radios, TVs and stereos with frayed cords, damaged plugs, etc., are also not permissible. Any questions on other specific items should be directed to the residence life department.

Network lines may not be connected between rooms or floors without prior approval of the housing office.

Laundry facilities are available to resident students only. Students living off campus may not use laundry facilities without prior approval from the housing office.

Written permission must be obtained from the housing office prior to bringing extra furnishings into the room. This includes refrigerators over 4.0 cubic feet, overstuffed chairs, couches, etc.

There will be no unauthorized sport activities of any nature permitted in the residence hall corridors, student rooms, or common areas. This includes bouncing or dribbling of balls, running, or general horseplay.

Unauthorized entering of another student’s room is not permitted and may be construed as trespassing or as an attempted theft or burglary.

The use of roofs on university buildings is prohibited for social and personal purposes.