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Guests and Visitors

The guest and visitation policy is designed to give residents opportunities to entertain guests, while also protecting the rights of all residents to live in a safe, quiet, and orderly environment that is conducive to academic success. Guests in a residence hall room is defined as someone who is not assigned to that room by the university. Guest visitation is permitted throughout the week as specified within this policy.  Residents who experience difficulties with a guest or another resident serving as a host, including a roommate/suite mate, should inform their resident assistant.

Under this policy, there are two classifications of visitors:  general visitor and overnight guest. A general visitor is permitted to visit a residence hall student for once within a 24-hour time frame for a duration of no longer than five hours.  General visitors are not required to be registered as guests of their host.

Overnight Guests:  Overnight guests are to be registered by their host.  Typically overnight guests are late night visitors (e.g., after midnight to 7:00 a.m.) whose stay will exceed five hours.

Hosting a Guest:  As the host, a resident must accompany their guest at all times.  The actions of a guest are the responsibility of the host. Guests are expected to have a photo ID card and make it available upon the request of a Residence Life staff member or Security.  Failure to comply with this request will result in the guest being asked to leave campus.

Residential students may sponsor a guest/visitor as the host.  As a host, a resident will understand and assume responsibility as follows:

  • Accompany their visitor(s) at all times while in the residence halls.
  • Assume responsibility for the safety, welfare, and conduct of their guest.
  • Conduct that violates university policy becomes the responsibility of the host and is subject to outcomes through the conduct process, including but not limited to restitution for damages (NOTE: If the visitors are also an Indiana Tech student or employee, they are also subject to response through the appropriate conduct process).
  • Management of guest behavior will determine if permission is granted to serve as a host in the future.
  • Cohabitation, defined as having a visitor stay overnight or longer through a disregard for the visitation policy, is strictly prohibited.
  • Hosts must submit an overnight visitor request form to have an overnight visitor.  Overnight forms are available from a resident assistant, Campus Security, or the Office of Residence Life. Permission from all parties residing in the suite must be obtained before final approval to host a guest will be given.  Required signatures including the affected roommates/suite mates, the host’s resident assistant, and a Residence Life staff member is required.  This form should be completed no less than 24 hours in advance of the visitor’s arrival.
  • No more than two visitors per host are permitted at any one time.
  • The maximum length for an overnight stay is three nights during a single week.

Guests will be permitted to visit a residential student with the following provisions:

  • A guest must be at least 16 years of age;
  • A guest between 16-18 years of age will be required to provide contact information for their parent/guardian and may be required to provide parental/guardian consent of being a guest of Indiana Tech;
  • A guest must possess a state/federally issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or passport. School or university IDs and driver’s permits are not accepted;
  • A guest must present their photo ID available to any Residence Life and/or security staff upon request;
  • A guest must comply with university policies;
  • A guest should understand that failing to comply with university policies, including presenting their photo ID, will result in immediately having to leave campus;
  • Guests should understand that if asked to leave campus, they are no longer welcome as a visitor to campus; and
  • A guest is not allowed to be in possession of a key and/or ID that gives access to an entry door, wing, room, or residence hall other than his/her own. Violators will be subject to a fine of up to $75 and additional disciplinary sanctions.

Visitation logs and overnight visitor request forms are not considered confidential and a school official may release this information upon request from parents, staff, police, etc.

Guests over Breaks:  Guests are not permitted when the residence halls are closed (pre-opening in August, Thanksgiving, between semesters, spring break, and after closing in May) unless previous permission has been given by Residence Life.

Large Gatherings and Parties

Large gatherings and parties that are considered unsafe due to the quantity of people or that are loud in relevance to the university housing noise level policy are not permitted in the residence halls. Students wishing to host organizations or groups should contact the director of Andorfer Commons for a classroom or meeting room.

The following guidelines should be followed:

  • Maximum of two guests per resident at any given time unless prior written permission is obtained from the residence life office.
  • Residents are responsible for the behavior of their visitors and guests.
  • Gathering does not expand outside of the room.
  • Gathering is not open to all comers.
  • Gathering is not advertised or promoted through flyers, posters, or other means.

University housing or security staff will intervene as well as issue infractions for the following reasons:

  • Violations of the above guidelines and other reasonable guidelines.
  • Excessive noise.
  • Damage or destruction.
  • Fighting or other destructive behavior. A violation of this policy will result in fines for the residents of the room. Repeat violations will increase in severity. If alcohol is present, this will be treated as an additional violation in accordance with university policy.