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Evans-Kimmell Hall

Evans-Kimmell Hall features apartment-style accommodations. The facility accommodates 58 students in 15 apartments (four students per apartment) and is staffed by two resident assistants.

Room Amenities

Each apartment includes:

  • Two bedrooms for two students each
  • Within each bedroom, each student has his or her own bed with twin long (80-inch) mattress, desk with bookcase, chair, and dresser with bookcase
  • Full walk-in closets in each bedroom
  • Bathroom with vanity sink for each student
  • Kitchenette with sink, counters, cabinets, and full-size refrigerator
  • Living room with couch, chair, coffee table, and end table

Building Amenities

In addition to the student apartments, Evans-Kimmell Hall has two community rooms located on the first and second floors. The large community room on the first floor contains lounge furniture, a gas fireplace, pool table, large LCD television, tables and chairs, and a full kitchen available for use upon request. The second floor community area is a loft overlooking the first floor and contains lounge furniture and a large screen TV.

The facility is monitored by closed circuit video surveillance both internally and externally. The main entrance to the building is controlled by card access with two restricted points of entry. The apartments are also equipped with video airphones, which allow visitors to buzz their host’s room and also to be seen before students grant access to the visiting person.

Laundry facilities are located on each floor and contain one washer and two dryers that are free to use.

Meal Plans

Returning students living in Evans-Kimmell Hall are required to purchase a meal plan while Freshmen students must purchase the full meal plan.