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Conditions of Room and Board Contract

All residential students are expected to maintain on record a $350 housing deposit. This deposit is a guarantee against damage to furnishings or structure resulting from actions by the resident, whether intentional acts or accidental. The housing deposit will remain on the student’s account until the student no longer resides in campus housing.

A student may request a refund of the housing deposit by submitting a completed Housing Questionnaire at the end of the academic year indicating that they will not be returning to campus housing or at the end of the fall semester by indicating that they will not be returning to the university. The deadline for requesting a refund of the deposit is December 1st for spring semesters and May 1st for fall semesters.

The deposit is refundable when a student completes the questionnaire, moves out and it is determined by the Director of Residence Life that:

  • there are no charges to be assessed against the deposit and
  • the student has fulfilled the residency requirements of the university.

Rooms are assigned by the Office of Residence Life. The university reserves all rights in assigning accommodations and determining the qualifications for residing in specific residence halls.

Room assignments are made before the beginning of each semester based as much as possible upon the student’s request. In the absence of such a request, the university will determine the assignment. Once assigned, the student may not exchange or move to another room without prior written consent from the residence life office. Should an unapproved exchange or move be made, the student may be required to move back to the originally assigned room and assessed a fine through the Student Conduct process.

Billing adjustment notification will be provided to the business office for approved room changes when necessary. Note: A student may be required to move to another room to comply with their contract request. Such a move will occur normally within five (5) days of written notification. An example of this is when double occupancy is requested and a roommate moves out. Failure to act on this situation may result in charge for single room assignment being assessed.

The staff of the university reserves the right to inspect student rooms and furnishings therein at any time. A program of room inspections and written reports is established each semester and is typically conducted at random times and intervals. As stated in the housing contract, the university has the right to conduct general residence hall searches or specific room searches. Specific room searches will be done primarily for suspicion of possession or usage of drugs, alcohol, firearms, explosives, or for the recovery of stolen property. Under certain circumstances, searches may be done in cooperation with the Fort Wayne Police Department and utilizing K9 police units.

During searches, students are expected to cooperate with any request to unlock drawers, trunks, or other secured locations within their room. Failure to cooperate with such requests may result in the removal of the lock by a university staff member or the confiscation of the locked item until it can be inspected.