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New Residents

Living on campus for the first time can be both exciting and a little scary for new residents. Knowing more about the features and amenities of each of our residence halls can help you properly prepare for your arrival at Indiana Tech.

What to Bring

It’s pretty unlikely that you will be able to bring all of your belongings with you to college. We’ve provided a short list of some of the essential items you won’t want to leave home with, items you shouldn’t bring, and checklists for each type of housing to make your shopping and packing easier.

Room Assignment Process

For an explanation of how room assignments are made and how roommates are chosen, visit the assignment process page.

Residence Hall Rates

The costs for each of our residence halls is based on a number of factors, including floor plan and amenities. Please consider your financial obligations when selecting the type of facility you prefer.

Information for Parents

As a parent, you’ll have questions as you’re helping your son or daughter choose where they should live, and  may wonder what to expect when sending them off to college. We have provided information for parents that will offer suggestions on how to help prepare your child for success at Indiana Tech.